A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This is a prototype project based on Ultimate Play The Game's classic ZX spectrum game, Underwurlde. It may turn into something more, or it may not.

Please note that the game hasn't been tested to any great extent, and the code hasn't been optimised for best performance.

Install instructions

Windows - Download Windows zip file, unzip to a folder of your choice, run UnderwurldeTowersDX.exe

Linux/Mac - Download Linux/Mac zip file, unzip and use Mono to run UnderwurldeTowersGL.exe

Android - Download Android zip file, unzip and copy the APK file to your Android device, then launch the APK from a file manager app.


For Windows - UnderwurldeDX_0.02.zip 8 MB
For Linux/Mac - UnderwurldeOpenGL_0.02.zip 5 MB
For Android - UnderwurldeAndroid_0.02.zip 9 MB


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Completely freezes comp (Win 10) upon loading, no screen loads or anything, just frozen desktop needing manual restart of PC.

Tried twice, same thing both times.

Hi, that's very unusual, sounds like it could be driver related. Is your PC up to date with all Windows updates and graphics drivers? Do you have any unusual hardware installed?

Plays fantastic, thank you

Thanks, glad you like it ;o)

Yes this is great, smooth and slick, and the pixel work is authentic and polished. Its a great POC. I love the added keys and doors element as well.

Thanks, appreciate your comments, especially about the pixel work because I'm not very good at that, hence the simple flat look.

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Brilliant! Fun and frustration in equal measure, just like the original.  Really enjoyed how it initially replicated the original map before branching off into it's own. Lots of nice little touches, like the "2021" chest of drawers and the Atic Atac-styled keys and doors. I managed to escape via the upper exit on my second go, but that felt more like blind luck than canny gameplay.

Keep up the good work. You owe to it the 'wurlde to complete this one.


It wouldn't be Underwurlde without that "frustration factor" :o)

Lovely.  Such memories :) Plays really well. Thankyou.

Thanks,  glad you like it.

Great old school graphics

Thanks. I don't normally pixel, so it's been a struggle!! :o)