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Welcome to Klass of 99, a re-release of the original remake from 1999, in glorious wide-screen-o-vision, and with a few extra little improvements.

Please note, it's a very old code base, originally written for Windows 98. It has been successfully tested on Windows 10 and 11.  The only thing that doesn't seem to work these days is full screen mode, probably because it runs in 8 bit colour mode.

Anyway, you play Eric, a troublesome schoolboy, and your task is to delete your report from the school computer network so that you don't get into trouble with your parents. To do this you must find the letters of the password and somehow gain access to Rose The Secretary's computer. She has an evil nephew in the school who may be able to help with that.

To make things even harder, the school is teaming with kids and teachers and you are expected to attend lessons! Einstein is a swot and will tell on you if you do anything naughty, Angelface is a bully and will try and get you into trouble, and Boy Wander is a harmless rogue who loves to write on blackboards! Do anything wrong or be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you will be given lines! Collect over 10000 lines and you will be expelled from school!

You have until the end of the week to delete that report!!

Eric can be controlled using the cursor keys or Q, A, O, P.

Extra controls include:

  • W - Write on blackboard
  • T - Type on computer
  • S - Sit down/stand up
  • D - Drop crystal
  • F - Fire catapult
  • H - Hit
  • J - Jump
  • C - Pick up object
  • B - Drop bomb
  • Esc - Pause

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AuthorBitGlint Games
TagsPixel Art, Retro, ZX Spectrum


KlassOf99Win1.0.7.zip 850 kB

Install instructions

Download KlassOf99Win1.0.7.zip, unzip to a location of your choice and run ko99.exe


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I’m having trouble

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong 😑 I’m rubbish at computers

Looks like you don't have the Visual C runtime files installed. Try this link to install them, then try KO99 again... https://aka.ms/vs/17/release/vc_redist.x86.exe

I remember this remake from an magazine called PC Zone where they have an article about free fan games from indie. 

Yeh that was me in the article. Long time ago now! :o)

indeed! Honor to find you again! Also PC Zone was my favorite magazine as back then as they are non nonsense guys. Also I did attempt to download your game back then, but that link I remember was long to type or it takes a long time to download in a 56k Modem  back in the good old days 

Yes PC Zone was a great magazine back then.

How old is the code?

Stared coding it late 1998, so the code is just over 25 years old.

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ok. I thought that since you're into 8bit games,I thought that you might like this.

Cool game ;o)

Any chance of a Steam release?

No sorry, not with this old thing, the code is too old and can be problematic on modern versions of Windows.

A port of this and Sports Daze on the NEXT, please.

Haha, errrrr, don't get your hopes up on that one! ;o)


It's an awesome game and i enjoy it very much!!!. I would love to see a version where you can stay on school and play as long as you want, no timeframe involved!!!!.


Thanks, glad you like it. I've got no plans to make any further changes to it though, sorry! :o

I remember playing this when it was first created, simply glorious to see it here and to read that it works on Windows 10.  Just downloaded and will have a play with it when I get a chance.  Thank you!

Cheers Jonathan, hope you enjoy revisiting it. Weird that I've just been watching a video of Banger Management, all those sprites running so smoothly, looks amazing. ;o)

very good


Hope you are able to release a Mav version also :-)

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Sorry but that's not likely to happen. It was written sooooo long ago that I didn't even consider such things back then, and the code base is 24 years old now. It would have to be rewritten. :o/

so great !! a bunch of thanks !!

Thanks, have fun!

<3 thank you for this <3

You're welcome :o)

Awesome! I played this game a ton on C64! Thanks for this!

You're welcome.




Remember playing this on the late shift at work in 2000-01 (and Skool Daze many years earlier). Great job, and good to see it back.

Thanks ;o)

We hope for new retro-retrospec!


Ecstatic! I was a big fan of Retrospec games back in the day, and this was my hands-down favorite.  I hope this is good news for your other older games. . . ?

Thanks. Not sure if I'll do anything with my other old Retrospec games. But who knows!

gracias,por el juego

De nada ;o)

That's a blast from the past, thanks for updating it Richard (or whoever has uploaded it).

Yep, it was me! :o)