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very good


Hope you are able to release a Mav version also :-)

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Sorry but that's not likely to happen. It was written sooooo long ago that I didn't even consider such things back then, and the code base is 24 years old now. It would have to be rewritten. :o/

so great !! a bunch of thanks !!

Thanks, have fun!

<3 thank you for this <3

You're welcome :o)

Awesome! I played this game a ton on C64! Thanks for this!

You're welcome.




Remember playing this on the late shift at work in 2000-01 (and Skool Daze many years earlier). Great job, and good to see it back.

Thanks ;o)

We hope for new retro-retrospec!


Ecstatic! I was a big fan of Retrospec games back in the day, and this was my hands-down favorite.  I hope this is good news for your other older games. . . ?

Thanks. Not sure if I'll do anything with my other old Retrospec games. But who knows!

gracias,por el juego

De nada ;o)

That's a blast from the past, thanks for updating it Richard (or whoever has uploaded it).

Yep, it was me! :o)