A downloadable game for Windows

Melkhior's Mansion, for Windows PC, Spectrum Next and ZX Spectrum 128k.

Windows PC playable demo now available!

A fast paced, action packed throwback to the classic games of the 80's, in 15 glorious colours, hand picked from the infamous ZX Spectrum colour palette (we left out bright black!)

Guide Sir Stamperlot the knight around Melkhior the Wizard's house of horrors, or choose to play as one of his trusted companions, Lester the clumsy Serf, Zouch the green haired Witch or perhaps the elegant Princess Ashby.

Your task is to find the pieces of the key that will unlock the main entrance to the mansion, thus granting our hero, whoever that may be, their freedom from Melkhior's evil clutches.

More details to follow, watch this space!

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Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorBitGlint Games
TagsIsometric, melkhior, Retro, ZX Spectrum

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file

2. Extract it to a location of your choice

3. Run MelkhiorsMansion.exe


MelkhiorOctoberDemo.zip 16 MB


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This game is everything I expected and more. The first time going through the mirror made me smile like a fool. Animation, sounds, the music, it's just... perfect. It took some time to get used to the controls and I find myself liking the 90° setting best (with cursor keys). Somehow the years of training in Knight Lore and Alien 8 didn't translate here - or I'm just too old. Still, no complaints. The C64 palette is very nice and I can't decide which one I prefer. Great job and thank you!

Thanks, lovely to hear more positive feedback. It's quite different from Knight Lore and Alien 8, more running, less jumping :o)

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A rare treat (parden the pun), no question about it!. For a change, its made 2020 memorable for a positive reason. So looking forward to its final release, and my Spectrum Next waits patiently to process what it was designed to, and fulfill its purpose :)

Haha, now I feel like I've saved 2020!! :o

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Well, what can I say? Beautifully authentic, packed full of effects and surprises. A Masterpiece. Kudos to Rare for allowing this project to go ahead. This will become a treasure to the legacy of ACG, Ultimate Play the Game and Sinclar. This is a masterpiece. Dare I say it!!! The best Isometric Game ever. Slick, & Polished, fast paced and beautiful sprites and scenery, such attention to details as well. This is absolutley the greatest Crash Smash ever! Best Retro Remake Ever too.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying it.