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Thanks :o)

It stays blank (white screen window) on my win7 machine. Tried both installer and portable. Could it be because of the second monitor? Nobody on the chat here seems to be having such issues.

It's been tested on Windows 7, worked ok here. Are you up to date with DirectX? Second monitor shouldn't make any difference.

Version 11. I will update to 12 and report.


Currently running DX11.1. I have an ACER NITRO laptop downgraded to win7 64b. The nvidia inside the laptop reports it uses DX12 here and there and it is impossible to upgrade this further without going win10. When running 2 displays, the external one gets driven by nvidea while the laptop monitor runs onboard GPU. With these running, all I get from the game is a white screen, sound is coming through. Primary monitor is set to onboard GPU, laptop screen. As I disable the second screen, laptop monitor runs with nvidea, at which point, the game boots fine. So, the second monitor and GPU running it seems to be the problem. I could probably force the laptop monitor to use nvidea and onboard for the second monitor, which in theory should also fix my issue. Thanks for the attention, I will finally be able to savour this game :)

Well, sorry that it's a bit of a pain to get up and running, but glad you've managed it anyway. Without being able to recreate the problem on my own hardware, it's hard to know what to do. Targeting Windows PC is not without its challenges!! So much hardware variation to deal with.

It's brilliant, as we all knew it was going to be :)

A couple of bugs/issues I've noticed:

1. Thumbstick not recognised on standard XBox controller (needs this, with deadzone obviously, the d-pad isn't ideal)

2. character sprite peeks-through the barrel "doorways" when they walk up close to them

Fantastic work again :)

Thanks, glad you like it. You're not the first person to mention the thumb stick. Perhaps that's worthy of an update. I did notice the barrel issue, those round objects are a pain in the bum. I can live with it if you can? :o)

Thanks for this beautiful gem of a game! Any plans for another game? Maybe an Alien8 sequel? :-)  :-) Can't wait for the Spectrum Next version!

Thanks. Next on the list is probably turning this into a full game... Underwurlde Towers Playability Demo by BitGlint Games (

Exciting news, thanks for letting us know!


Haha, thanks! :o)

Lovely project and so well documented during development that we all fell in love with it even before release date. I will wait the Next version, unless porting it to Mac is not too complicated (don't use Windows). Thanks!


Thanks. An OpenGL version is underway for Linux, so that should pave the way for a straightforward Mac release.

Lovely ^_^

The Linux version is great news! I look forward to it :-)

This is awesome news! I am using MX Linux 21 (Debian Bullseye based) Hope itt will support that too...  Then I do not need to switch to Windows if I want to play Melkhior's Mansion :-) :-)

Cool, keep watching this space. It'll be a few weeks.

Congratulations for the game and thank you so much for thinking of releasing that for Linux.

You're welcome

Great work!! Many thanks! Will there be joystick support? (Or am I missing something?) I'm tempted to whip out my old Kempston joystick and build an interface that maps it to a HID keyboard input :) 

Thanks. It should work with Microsoft XBox compatible controllers.

A yes, didn't have the controller activated when I started the game *blush* 

Excellent! :o)

This is absolutely incredible, the gameplay, music and graphics are better than I could've possibility imagined. A big thank you to everyone who donated their time to make this a reality.

Totally random question - does anyone know of a handheld device which would run this? I'm currently playing it on my Mac in Parallels, but would happily buy dedicated hardware to play it.

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you're enjoying it so much. Can't help you on the handheld question, sorry! :o)


One more comment: Atic Atac has always been my favourite game. But when I saw that in this game every character brings a new game mode, as well as the connections to Night Shade, Knight Lore, Pentagram..., I almost cried with emotion. Well done!


Haha, yeh it was fun getting all those little nods to Ultimate in there. :o)

My two cents... I know, i'm italian... No one is perfect.

My nickname is Strider.


Thanks Strider, that's a nice write up. :o)

Game is amazing, been playing it all day. Only thing is, changing the palette does not seem to do anything for me.. Am i missing something?

Good to hear you're enjoying it. The palette thing sounds like a bit of a mystery. How many palettes have you unlocked

Sounds strange, it works perfectly for me and my son, on two different PCs. You simply choose the palette you want and the colours of the game change accordingly.


This game is absolutely amazing.
From the crisp and colourful graphics to the very catchy music its a pleasure to play.

The only thing I would suggest is for younger players they may find the game frustrating and may need some kind of map as you're going through the rooms. Otherwise, if you ever played Atic Atac this is right up with that classic and then some.


Thanks very much, that's lovely feedback. I did think about putting a kids mode in during development, but it's something that never happened. That said, there are map consoles on each floor to help with finding your way around. ;o)


The music is divine, can't wait to play this; I have been following the project with some enthusiasm! Woohoo! Congrats on the release!


Thanks, enjoy the game. :o)

Where is the donations button? Where?


It's a freebie! :o)

You are incredibly kind. The game is fantastic, a true gem.

You guys are awesome! :-) Your game is awesome! Kindly ask for a donation button. :-) :-)

I would also like to donate. By the way, I was the first to submit a score on the leader board! :)


Thanks, but no donations required. I saw your score, well done. Hope it's not too easy! :o)

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Rather than easy, it feels like infinite food. Maybe later on you can add a new difficulty level where the food takes a few minutes longer to reappear. In any case, the game is really wonderful. Even my kids have been excitedly enjoying it all day  :D


Oh happy day! :)


I think so too! :o)


Congratulations!!! A new classic is born!


Haha, cheers ;o)


Congrats on the release! Been looking forward to playing this!!! :D


Thanks Ric, enjoy.


Very excited, I have been following this project since the beginning. I am one of those people who in 1983 were lucky enough to play the original Atic Atac, which left an indelible memory in my mind. Now, at 51 years old, I will be able to feel like that child again, thanks to you. The game you have made is really amazing!


Thanks so much. Really hope you enjoy the game. We've had so much fun writing it. :o)


Woohoo! C'est arrive! \o/


Oui! C'est arrive!! :o)

Santa Claus is coming to town !

Let's cross our fingers !


Oh, yes!

... just like something is missing under the tree :(

Super crunchy and simply gorgeous! 

Thanks ;o)

Hi guys, any news? Any hope of being able to play M'sM by July?

Hi, I think we're looking around autumn time. The game is functionally complete, but there are still lots of frames of graphics to be done, and all the boring stuff to finish off, plus a lot of play testing. Hang in there, and thanks for your support ;o)

Thanks for the reply and sorry for bothering you. As a kid, I spent maybe hundreds of hours on Atic Atac. M'M seems like his worthy successor to me and I really look forward to it more than any triple A title. Can't wait ... :)

Fantastic... Any news about the release of the final version?

Thanks. Should only be a few months away now, we're about 90% done.

Great!!! Thanks for the answer, can't wait to play it. :)



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Simply wonderful ! I can't wait to play the final release.

As you said, this little great gem will be released as freeware and of course I'm ok with that BUT, if that can motivate you, I would pay for more games like this !

... and I loved the c64 palette, will you also add 16-bit graphics a la Head over Heels remake, a game speed option and other sound modes ? (a c64 SID chip version would be perfect)

Thanks for the comments. I'll think about a speed option, but I need to consider if that might introduce a sort of "cheat" in tricky situations. A 16-bit graphics option and alternative music aren't really feasible. It would mean asking the artist and musician to do twice the work, and they're already doing it for free :o)

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Thanks for your reply.  Just some more tip, if I can:

- sometimes I like to play with the "draw floors" option turned off, in that case I can't see the shadow enemies (what an amazing mine of quotes this game is). Could you give them color in this mode ?

 - if you will add an auto map please make it optional for a true retro feel because back in the good old days we hadn't such gimmicks

- what about a 4:3 ratio option ?

-  Lester seems so proud of his moustaches it would be very funny if he occasionally left them on the ground when he loses a life :)

Thanks for the suggestions, always good to get ideas.

- I'll look into the shadow option, might look a bit odd, who knows.

- The on screen map will be accessible from certain places in the game, so you don't have to use them if you don't want to.

- 4:3 ratio would mean some of the larger screens wouldn't fit on screen.

- Haven't finalised Lester's death object yet. The moustache could work.

Looks amazing, however when I run the demo I get an error "This MGFX effect was built for a different platform!" in Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.Effect.ReadHeader(Byte[] effectCode, Int32 index), which was ultimately called from Melkhior.Helper.GraphicsManager.Initialise(Game gameObject). I'm running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, version 10.0.19041.  Anything I can do to make it work? Thanks!

Oh, that's odd, but thanks for mentioning it. I notice you're on a slightly later build of Windows than me. I'll do an update and see if that affects how things run here.

Well I've done the update (that was a scary one!!) and it still works ok here, I'm now on version 19042. I might need to compile a new version to get to the bottom of this issue. If you're happy to take a newer version, can you drop me an email? Contact details are in the Readme.txt file included with the distribution. Thanks ;o)

Thanks for looking into it. I found there was a problem in my system configuration that caused the game to load the wrong MonoGame.Framework.dll (i.e. not the one from the game directory). When I fix that it works perfectly. Sorry for the false alarm. Fantastic game, and love the art style! Can't wait to buy the full version. :)

Oh ok, that's an interesting one, I'll add it to my troubleshooting notes. Anyway, glad you like it. The finished version will be released as freeware, mainly due to it's affinity with Ultimate/Rare's old classics.

Outstanding. A perfect fusion of  Ultimate's  'filmation'  isometric perspective with the frantic gameplay of Aric Atac. I've already spent more hours probing and delving this gem than many of the AAA  acquired over the last few  years. Bravo!

Thanks Andy, glad you like it and appreciate the comments. We'll get it finished one day. :o)

A very enjoyable weekend spent mapping and completing that - thanks very much! I love the way the room layouts hint at a purpose for the rooms, like having the barrels more common in the basement, and the feeling of a real building. Great stuff!

Thanks and well done on completing it. Only takes about 4 minutes when you know where everything is :o)


Hi BitGlint games, i play demo today,. Very nice game (Im ZX spectrum fan). i have several tips for enhance. 

ad 1) - when you start game i need see all action buttons, because i try to jump, probably isn't possible (jump to tables for thinks on it). Is there any jumping ?
ad 2) collision box of thrown weapon is too small, when you trow sword, and go direct after it in this direction, ghosts can bite you, because sword does not hit him.  I think its bug.

Maybe sometimes it can help, when you do automatic gate navigation (when im close enough). What about auto map making ? 

In other way i like:

game play is fun, graphic is very nice, palette switching is so nice, music is nice. 


Hi Bob, thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated. To answer your questions...

1. There is no jumping, it's just a run around game.

2. Yes, I think there is a problem here. I'll add it to the bug list.

3. The final version will probably have an auto map feature.

Thanks again,



you are welcome. :)

This game is everything I expected and more. The first time going through the mirror made me smile like a fool. Animation, sounds, the music, it's just... perfect. It took some time to get used to the controls and I find myself liking the 90° setting best (with cursor keys). Somehow the years of training in Knight Lore and Alien 8 didn't translate here - or I'm just too old. Still, no complaints. The C64 palette is very nice and I can't decide which one I prefer. Great job and thank you!

Thanks, lovely to hear more positive feedback. It's quite different from Knight Lore and Alien 8, more running, less jumping :o)

Well, I did try to jump on the tables to pick items :/


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A rare treat (parden the pun), no question about it!. For a change, its made 2020 memorable for a positive reason. So looking forward to its final release, and my Spectrum Next waits patiently to process what it was designed to, and fulfill its purpose :)

Haha, now I feel like I've saved 2020!! :o

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Well, what can I say? Beautifully authentic, packed full of effects and surprises. A Masterpiece. Kudos to Rare for allowing this project to go ahead. This will become a treasure to the legacy of ACG, Ultimate Play the Game and Sinclar. This is a masterpiece. Dare I say it!!! The best Isometric Game ever. Slick, & Polished, fast paced and beautiful sprites and scenery, such attention to details as well. This is absolutley the greatest Crash Smash ever! Best Retro Remake Ever too.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying it.

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